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Runaway Pen Releases New Film

Posted on August 19, 2013 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (0)

On July 28, "Playing with Ice," the latest co-production of Runaway Pen and Stories by the River, was released through the Stories by the River website. The film, which focuses on the story of a young gay woman's search for a new life after being rejected by her family, has been met with enthusiastic responses from audiences at both the premire and from comments sent to the director by viewers that have purchaed or rented the film through

The twenty-minute drama stars Laura Menzie and Kate Paulsen, was co-written by Andrew Gilbert and Mikel J. Wisler, and directed by Wisler. The film was shot in early April and completed in July in time fo the July 28 release. This is the second short film Runaway Pen has co-produced with Stories by the River, and the third RPP film that SbtR currently distributes. 

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"Playing with Ice" also marks the first colaboration for Wisler as director working with cinematographer Bryant Naro. The film was shot with the same camera (Sony FS100) and lenses (Zeiss SuperSpeed Mark II cine primes) as Wisler's first producing colaboration with Stories by the River.

While the topic may be seen as controversial in some circles, we believe this story has a powerfully universal appeal in dealing with longing for a new life and connection with people around us. "Playing with Ice" is currently being submitted to film festivals. Click here buy or rent "Playing with Ice."


A Busy Year Ahead of Us

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It has been a great start to the new year as we got word that our short film, "A Silent Universe," has been officially selected to be part of the 2013 Boston Science Fiction Film Festival that kicks off later this week. If you haven't yet seen "A Silent Universe," we invite you to check it out here. The year has also started off with Runaway Pen's involvement in video projects for Greene Rubber Company and New Balance.


Over the last several months, we have also been hard at work writing a feature length screenplay loosely based on our 2011 award-winning short film, "Stop." Last year, we were approached by an independent film production company out of LA that had seen "Stop" and has expressed interest in potentially developing the short into a feature film I would direct and co-produce with them. Currently, the script is under review. We await word eagerly. Meanwhile, you can watch "Stop" for free at:


Finally, we are really excited about partnering with Stories by the River again in co-producing a new short film. This will be the second short film Runaway Pen and SbtR produce together, the first being "A Silent Universe." This new short film is called "Playing with Ice" and was co-written by Andrew Gilbert and I. I will be directing and joining me will be Kate Paulsen and Laura Menzie in this two-person cast as well as cinematographer Bryant Naro and SbtR producer Kristina Kaiser. Rehearsals are underway and production is planned for April.


We have high hopes for a great 2013 with many possible new achievements.


- Mikel J. Wisler

"A Silent Universe" Released to Public

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Our latest short film, "A Silent Universe," is now available to the public in two forms. I can be purchased for download in HD and SD and it can be rented as HD streaming video for 24-hours at a time through the official website for Stories by the River. Runaway Pen Productions co-produced "A Silent Universe" in association with Stories by the River, which is now distributing the film. This is the very first short film for Stories by the River, which is a non-profit branch of The River Church in Quincy, Massachusetts. Runaway Pen's own Mikel J. Wisler helped found Stories by the River, and just rencently served as one of the producers and the cinematographer for the second short film by Stories by the River, "Melt."

Another important milestone for "A Silent Universe" was just recently reached this week when the film was officially listed on the Internet Movie Database:

We invite you to rent or buy "A SIlent Universe" today and be among the first to see the ambitious short film that early adiences are raving about. To see the film, visit

A New Sci-fi Short Film

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It has been a busy several months for Runaway Pen. Mostly, I (Mikel J. Wisler) have been hard at work directing my most ambitious short film to date, "A Silent Universe." A dramatic film set against a sci-fi backdrop, "A Silent Universe" is the story of two brothers trapped in their old garage as the world outside crumbles under an interstellar attack. The film was shot in late February and is now very near completion.

"A Silent Universe" represents the first film co-produced by Stories by the River, a non-profit filmmaking venture I have helped launch with The River Church in Quincy, Massachusetts. Already, Stories by the River is in pre-produciton for its sencond short film, "Melt," by writer/director Chaz Sutherland, for which I am serving as fellow producing and cinematographer.

You can learn more about Stories by the River by visiting us on Facebook. You can also find out more about "A Silent Universe" and see the official trailer for the film by going to:

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New Cinematography Reel for Wisler

Posted on December 20, 2011 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Runaway Pen Production's co-founder, Mikel J. Wisler, has officially release a new demo reel of his work as cinematographer (director of photography). This latest reel showcases Wisler's work exclusively in the world of narrative filmmaking. Most notably, it features a significant amount of footage from the two short films Wisler shot in 2011, "Stop" (see the film here) and "Worm Free Society" (due out in 2012). You can see the new reel on Vimeo by going to: or you can watch the YouTube release below:

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For more information about Wisler, please visit

"Stop" Teaser Released

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The teaser trailer for our latest short film, "Stop," hit the web last week. So far, it has gained quite a bit of attetion and many compliments. Bellow you can see the teaser or you can find out more about the film and vew the teaser in HD by visiting

"Stop," which was shot in May, has already been submitted to a few film festivals and is expected to have an official IMDb (Internet Movie Database) profile within the next two weeks. Unlike past projects of ours, we have opted to release this film for free on the web as a means to reward everyone who has shown so much support and interest in our films. We are excited to present this new project and hope people will help us get the word out about it by telling their friends, sharing the link to the film's website, and contacting us with feedback and comments.

We will also be releasing some behind the scenes videos in the coming weeks. "Stop" will be released on the Internet on June 24, 2011! Be sure to check back here for more updates.

Watch the teaser:

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