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A New Sci-fi Short Film

Posted on April 19, 2012 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (0)

It has been a busy several months for Runaway Pen. Mostly, I (Mikel J. Wisler) have been hard at work directing my most ambitious short film to date, "A Silent Universe." A dramatic film set against a sci-fi backdrop, "A Silent Universe" is the story of two brothers trapped in their old garage as the world outside crumbles under an interstellar attack. The film was shot in late February and is now very near completion.

"A Silent Universe" represents the first film co-produced by Stories by the River, a non-profit filmmaking venture I have helped launch with The River Church in Quincy, Massachusetts. Already, Stories by the River is in pre-produciton for its sencond short film, "Melt," by writer/director Chaz Sutherland, for which I am serving as fellow producing and cinematographer.

You can learn more about Stories by the River by visiting us on Facebook. You can also find out more about "A Silent Universe" and see the official trailer for the film by going to:

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Wisler Interviewed About The River Film Forum

Posted on April 4, 2011 at 9:56 AM Comments comments (0)

This past Sunday afternoon, I (Mikel Wisler) had the privilege of being a guest on the web radio show “Cultural Diplomacy” by CeaseFireStrategies. Host, Eric Bumpus, asked me to come on to the show so we could chat about the work I’m doing with The River Film Forum. This is a quite an honor, and I had a great time explaining a little bit about what The River Film Forum is all about and what we have been doing as well as some of our plans for the future.

Listen to the interview here:

For those not familiar with The River Film Forum, it is a monthly event where we show a movie and then discuss the film as a group, engaging with the themes, ideas, and worldview of the filmmakers as well as our reactions to the films. It is open to the public; anyone is welcome. The River Film Forum is part of the The River Church, in Quincy, Massachusetts. Check out more information about The River Film Forum on Facebook or by going to:

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