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"A Silent Universe" Released to Public

Posted on May 31, 2012 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Our latest short film, "A Silent Universe," is now available to the public in two forms. I can be purchased for download in HD and SD and it can be rented as HD streaming video for 24-hours at a time through the official website for Stories by the River. Runaway Pen Productions co-produced "A Silent Universe" in association with Stories by the River, which is now distributing the film. This is the very first short film for Stories by the River, which is a non-profit branch of The River Church in Quincy, Massachusetts. Runaway Pen's own Mikel J. Wisler helped found Stories by the River, and just rencently served as one of the producers and the cinematographer for the second short film by Stories by the River, "Melt."

Another important milestone for "A Silent Universe" was just recently reached this week when the film was officially listed on the Internet Movie Database:

We invite you to rent or buy "A SIlent Universe" today and be among the first to see the ambitious short film that early adiences are raving about. To see the film, visit

Gilbert and Wisler Head to AFM 2011

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Runaway Pen Productions founding members, Andrew Gilbert and Mikel J. Wisler, are heading off to the 2011 American Film Market (AFM) currently taking place in Santa Monica, California. AFM takes place every November, lasting for eight days, and it is the one of the premiere global marketplaces in the film industry. Gilbert and Wilser are headed to the second half of AFM, which is traditionally the time most focused on developing new project (the first half is all about distributor buying already completed films). They will be pitching their first feature film project, After This.

The orginal screenplay for After This, written by Andrew Gilbert, was just recently selected as a semifinalist in the 2011 Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting, a highly competative screenwriting competition organized by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences each year. Being selected for the semi final round means that out of thousands of scripts submitted to this year's competition, After This was deemed by the judges to be among the top 2% of the best scripts this year.

With the increased attetion Runaway Pen has received as a result of this very prestigious recognition from The Academy, Gilbert and Wisler  are already setting meetings with distributors and production companies at the American Film Market, as well as in contact with potential agents and managers for Gilbert. They will be attending the market from November 6th through the 9th.

Mikel J. Wisler, who is directing the film, has prepared a detaild pitch package for presentation to interested parties. Andrew Gilbert has been researching the companies attending this year's AFM. Gilbert and Wilser, who are producing the film, have high hopes of connecting with the right people and fostering good professional relationships that will lead to the making of After This.

Intersted in following new developments in this story? Wisler regularly blogs about his experiences in developing this feature film on his Tumblr page: You can also learn more about After This by going to the film's official development page:

Distribution for Our Films

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Just released in the United States today by Indie Media Entertainment, my award-winning (Best Screenplay at Terror Film Festival) psychological thriller short film, "Cold October," and my dark and dramatic short film "Always Reaching" are now available as VOD (Video on Demand) on-line streaming rentals.

For "Always Reaching," this is the first release of the film. It has played in festivals and had special on-line test screenings, but has not been made widely available to the public until today. In the coming weeks, Indie Media Entertainment will also be releasing both films on DVD through and as VOD available on TiVo. The exact release date for the DVDs and the TiVo VODs are still to be determined.

To rent "Cold October" on VOD today, go to:

To rent "Always Reaching" on VOD today, go to:

I invite you to check the films out. Your support is deeply appreciated! If you happen to have followed my sporadic blogging, you understand that filmmaking is a profound passion and dream of mine. I cannot fulfill this dream with out the support of all the amazing people who have contributed to the making of these films and all the scores of other people who support my efforts by renting and buying copies of my films. I also rely on word of mouth from people who enjoy my films to get the word out there to other people who I just cannot reach otherwise. So please, pass along these links to any of your friends or family!

Thank you,

Mikel J. Wisler

co-writer and director of "Cold October" and "Always Reaching"

Booming Business for Runaway Pen

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If you happen to visit our site periodically (first of all, thank you for doing so!) you may have noticed a lack of updates recently. This is mainly do to the fact that Runaway Pen Productions has been quite busy with projects. These projects have ranged from some rather small and quick video projects to larger and more complicated video productions involving crews and multiple days of shooting. I also have other projects in the works right now that present some pretty exciting possibilities.

As for independent film, I am currently working as the Associate Producer for The Legend of Oak Swamp. It is a fantasy/adventure feature film currently in development by writer/director Jedidiah Burdick. We are currently raising seed money to help us with development expenses. You can learn more and see the concept trailer we created by going to:

I am also lined up to be the cinematographer for a new short film by writer/director Raz Cunningham. The film is slated to shoot in October and will be shot on Canon DSLRs.

Finally, as you might tell from this new entry, I'm opting to switch things up on the news feed to a more personal touch. I hope you enjoy it and that you will come back regularly to find out what I'm up to and what Runaway Pen is developing.

Thanks for stopping by,

Mikel J. Wisler

Movieola Buys "Cold October."

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This afternoon, filmmaker Mikel J. Wisler recieved word that Ouat Media has brokered a sale of rights for "Cold October," the short film he co-wrote with Andrew Gilbert and directed, to be aired on Movieloa later this year. Movieola is a Canadian cable station owned by Channel Zero.

This is the second Runaway Pen short film to be purchased by Movieola. Two years ago, Ouat Media brokered sale of "Cellar Door" to the Canadian cable station. No further details are known at this time as to when "Cold October" will air or as to the exact details of the sale. This news does represent a new milestone for "Cold October," a short film that has by far been the most successful project by filmmakers Andrew Gilbert and Mikel J. Wisler. Just this past fall, the two were honored with the Best Screenplay Award from Terror Film Festival in Philadelphia for the script they co-wrote for "Cold October." The short has also been selected by several film festivals around the globe, and just this past January 12th, "Cold October" was released on DVD and VOD through

Cold October on DVD Jan. 12

Posted on January 7, 2010 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (2)

The most successful short film Runaway Pen Productions has made to date, “Cold October,” will soon be available on DVD through The DVD will include some additional content produced by Runaway Pen  as well as production photos.

“We are very excited to have this new distribution avenue through Indieflix,” says Mikel J. Wisler, the film’s co-writer and director.  “We’re hopeful that everyone who’s been following news about this film for a while now and has been wanting to see it--and even those of have seen it and just want to support us--will hop on to starting January 12 and will buy a copy of the film for themselves. It certainly would mean a lot to us! We’re excited about how Indieflix profits work, and we really need the revenue from project like this to come in to help us with development costs for new projects, including a feature we’re seeking funding for.”

“Cold October” was just recently presented with the award for Best Screenplay from the Philadelphia based Terror Film Festival as well as receiving an Honorable Mention in the Best Horror Short Film category from ShockerFest in California. For more information about the film, go to: